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Experienced Texas Divorce Attorney

A divorce is a complex process that often involves a significant amount of time and resources. It is always extremely stressful. If you are in a situation that calls for a divorce in North Texas, finding the best divorce lawyer is of your highest concern. Chip has been involved in highly complex divorces, including but not limited to, high asset divorces, high debt divorces, fault-based divorce, complex division of Community property, complex issues of separate property, custody fights, international custody issues, child support issues and issues involving the possession and access to your children.

The Benefits of Retaining an Experienced Attorney

Unfortunately, the state of Texas does not make the divorce process easy. Texas has a mandatory 60 day waiting. It begins from the date of the filing of the petition. There are additional restrictions that govern when and where you can file for divorce. Even under the best circumstances, divorce can involve disputes over property, custody, support and logistics. If you and your spouse reside in North Texas, it is to your benefit to retain a competent and experienced family law and divorce attorney.

Some people believe that hiring a divorce attorney will create animosity with the other spouse. While it is impossible to always predict the reaction of others during emotionally trying times, retaining the services of an experienced divorce lawyer can save you time, money and emotional turmoil.

Furthermore, it is important to retain an experienced family law attorney, one who understands the procedures, has experience in negotiating reasonable settlements, and is familiar with the courts. Ultimately, it will be extremely beneficial to you to have an experienced professional who knows the law and knows what you are entitled to under the law.

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